What Makes Great Travel Clothes?

When planning to go away for a weekend beach break, or for a round the world trip, as a prospective traveller one will be considering what essential travel clothes one needs to take and what it would be better to buy while away.

A traveller with ethical sensibilities will be aware that to spend money while away is normally of economic benefit to the area visited, however though something desirable often can be found after arrival, it can be surprisingly tricky to find something that is not on every street market from Camden Town to Bangkok.

While shopping in areas where the tourist trade dominates, the goods offered cater for this wide range of passing trade rather than for local tastes, which actually leads to uniformity of products being offered. And though inexpensive and immediately appealing, this produce is often unoriginal and mass produced to a low standard at a location far from where it is being sold.

Sigh Clothing is a London-based fashion company that makes ideal travel clothing at a reasonable price. Sigh produces original clothing in natural fabrics in an organically developing collection, which combines summer styles with innovative designs. Compact, lightweight and squashable, these clothes make easy hand luggage if one is planning to travel light.

Sigh Clothing’s design reflects the spontaneous nature of modern holiday travel, and has at its heart versatility, practicality and natural beauty. Sigh Clothing dresses and Sigh Clothing jackets are the perfect cover-up on the beach and are equally at home worn to a restaurant later. The cotton muslin used has a raw, natural texture; it hangs beautifully, with a fitted look against the body. The clothes are also very comfortable, the bias-cut styling ensuring that they never look or feel restrictive.

Once away from the beach and into more rural areas there are many parts of the world where one can be made very conscious of the suitability of what one is wearing, and finding appropriate lightweight holiday clothing in long sleeved and maxi length to cover-up and layer-up with can be a real issue.

Similarly convenience can assume great importance when travelling with a limited wardrobe, and clothes that wash easily and dry quickly without the need to iron are indispensible.

Sigh Clothing offers its customers the chance to take a few versatile, easy to wear and easy care classic styles as a capsule travel wardrobe for women which will dovetail with any clothing or accessories that may be found while away. Local sourcing and manufacture combined with low eco impact dyeing mean that this is a product with much to commend it to travellers of a thoughtful nature.