Portsmouth Home Improvements – ‘Don’t Move, Improve’

When you’re looking to increase living space your first consideration may be to find a bigger house, however you could have any number of reasons for not wanting to up sticks. Perhaps taking on a bigger mortgage is a financial risk you don’t want in these tough economic times or maybe you like the location of your current home. If you’ve got good reason to stay put, there is of course another way to make better use of your living space. As the saying goes: ‘don’t move, improve’.

Home improvements in Portsmouth are becoming the popular way for residential property owners in the city to make better use of their existing home. Just because you can’t, or perhaps won’t, move up the property ladder doesn’t mean you can’t add style, function and value to the house you currently live in.

Other than trying to increase space, there are several other good reasons for wanting to redesign or remodel your Portsmouth property. Your changing taste and lifestyle may no longer be reflected by the house you live in but the surrounding neighbourhood is still a desirable one. Rather than look for another property, make your current one work for you.

If you think moving house is something that you’ll do in the near future, a few home improvements can increase value and give you more financial scope when you come to sell. Consider house extensions, out-building conversions or even interior remodelling as a way to create more living space both upstairs and down.

Whatever your reasons for improving your home, you should begin by making a list of what you really need and then a list for what you would like to have. Once you’ve got your lists, make a realistic estimate of what you can afford to do. Once you have these three things in place, start talking to some architects in Hampshire.

Before committing to any building project it is recommended that you employ the services of an architect early on in the process. As a construction professional and creative designer, an architect will save you money in the long-term and be on-hand throughout the improvements to ensure everything runs smoothly and all building regulations are adhered to.

More importantly, they can solve problems and suggest ideas that you may not have thought about. Remember those two lists – an architect may be able to give you all the improvements you’d like to have as well as those you need. Look around for a Hampshire architectural service that offers specific design for home owners packages which include initial design ideas, obtaining planning consent, building regulations and supervision of a builder during the construction work.

Making improvements to your home will not only have a significant impact on how you live, it can also provide you with the best return for your money once you come to sell.