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Mention Murcia and most golfers familiar with this region of Spain will think of The La Manga Club, the expansive resort that occupies over 1400 acres and contains some 1800 privately owned villas. The key feature of the area, the Mar Menor, is Europe’s largest saltwater lake; it is separated from the Mediterranean by a slender spit of land called La Manga – the sleeve – from which the resort takes its name. With a water temperature 5° higher than the sea, it attracts water sports enthusiasts in significant numbers.

La Manga is well worth a visit, 3 excellent courses and owners accommodation arranged in the style of small villages across the estate ensure that you will never be short of choice for things to do. Add to this 28 tennis courts, 2 cricket pitches and numerous pools and you can understand why La Manga is popular with sports personalities – both Nigel Mansell & Kenny Dalgliesh own property there and the England football team often take mid season breaks to use the extensive training facilities.

However, Murcia has many more options to offer the visiting golfer whether on holiday or those looking to invest in property with golf at hand. Served by a local airport from where flights depart daily to the major cites of the UK, Murcia is easily accessible for the regular visitor and makes Mar Menor golf property highly desirable.

Moving slightly wider afield, Costa Calida property in general has enjoyed strong interest from UK owners looking for the benefits of this desirable area but perhaps wishing to live in more traditional Spanish developments. Whatever your inclination, the area has a number of specialist property agents familiar with all the options available including the extensive portfolio of Polaris World property across the region. They will have first hand knowledge of local market conditions and the key things to look for when buying or selling property in Murcia.