Leather Coats Make the Tail End of Winter a Warm and Cosy Pleasure!

Bet you never thought you would enjoy the UK’s infamously horrendous winter months! But when you’re wrapped up warm inside a lovely, stylish leather coat the weather conditions don’t matter. You look – and feel – a million dollars regardless of whether it’s sleeting, raining stair rods, snowing like there’s no tomorrow or just blowing a 90 mile an hour gale!

Now that Christmas is over and done with and also the seasonal retail frenzy has calmed down, you can take your time and shop for your ideal leather coat solution at your own pace. Be it full length leather coats, short length leather coats or 3/4 length leather coats, there is a wealth of fabulous styles from which to choose.

Just keep in mind there’s leather and leather. You get what you pay for. A cheap leather coat is going to be thin, poorly made and won’t necessarily hang well, while a great quality leather coat lasts for a long time. When the price looks too good to be true, it most likely is! So beware bargain leather coats. Don’t accept less than the best. Go for something substantial manufactured from quality hide that has been properly prepared, exquisitely cut and put together by a person who genuinely cares about the end result.

The very best leather coats are carefully constructed from supple, elegant nappa leather. It’s soft and pliable but exceptionally strong and it isn’t too heavy to wear. Not surprisingly, you don’t want to be oppressed by your clothing – top quality outer clothing works together with your body, not against it!

The cut of the new leather coat is important too. In reality you want a coat that can hang beautifully, not something that looks like it’s been drawn through a hedge backwards. Pick a timeless style and it’ll be a wardrobe winner for many years, even decades.

If you’re someone who prefers a seriously heavy, thick leather coat, go for cow hide. It’s strong. It’s thick. They weigh a ton and it makes a big impact. Bull or buffalo hide is every bit as durable and weighty. Just keep in mind that you may need to buy a size larger than normal because this type of leather has to be thoroughly broken in before it will feel and look its best.

Hide leather coats are the best option for colder weather. Nappa leather is extremely versatile, suitable for cool spring and autumn days in addition to the depths of winter. It’s your choice… so make it wisely!