Fire Collars & Fire Wraps

By design, modern buildings such as apartment blocks, hotels, hospitals and retail complexes require services from water and waste pipework. Construction of these premises results in the penetration of walls and flooring to allow these pipes to travel between compartments of a building and out to the main supply or drainage. This causes an issue with fire stopping as the integrity of fire resistance of the wall and floor within the building is compromised.

When introducing passive fire protection to a building, there are two systems for sealing penetrations by plastic pipework. The systems include fire collars and fire wraps and are essential products to maintain the safety and integrity of a premises in the event of a fire.

These intumescent products are ideal for masonry or plaster applications helping to stop the spread of fire and smoke where walls and floors have been penetrated by pipe work that is combustible (i.e. plastic piping made from PVCu, HDPE, MDPE, PP, ABS). When placed on steel piping, pipe collars can also achieve a cooling effect.

A UK fire collar and fire wrap supplier will be able to provide the full safety data for these products and ship the items directly to your site. Ideally you should find a supplier whose construction products with fire performance comply with a stringent set standards above the minimum regulatory requirements.

Intumescent fire collars

During construction of a building, services such as plastic waste water pipes or plastic drainage pipes have to penetrate a structure in various locations. This compromises the fire-resistance of the walls and floors and can lead to smoke, fire and hot gases moving from one compartment (or room) to another. Intumescent fire collars are designed to re-instate that resistance.

When exposed to extreme heat from a fire, the intumescent materials within the fire collar expand and exert pressure on the pipe, closing off the opening between two compartments. This process occurs at around 150°C and crushes the melting plastic pipe closing off the penetration through the wall or floor.

Made from galvanised steel, the fire collar should be fitted to both sides of the opening where a risk of fire is present. These pipe collars are available in 2-hour or 4-hour fire-rating resistance and a range of diameters.

Fire wraps

Fire wraps work in the same way as a fire collar but are secured around a plastic pipe by means of a self-adhesive strip. This is attached to a plastic sleeve which contains the intumescent material that expands when exposed to high temperatures. Fire wraps are suitable in areas where access to the pipe is tight and like fire collars they can be used against masonry or plaster.

Available in diameters up to 160mm, these wraps can provide either 2-hours or 4-hours fire-rated resistance.